Small machine vs Used machine

Small machine vs Used machine

Many people may question the purpose of a small low cost CNC machine when the used CNC market has tons of options available.


Don't buy Old CNC Machines - CNC Repairman


Small businesses and hobbyists all want one thing from a CNC machine, and that is a low price. Not many can afford a brand new machining centre or want to take on the risks of financing. So the only remaining options are used machines, or desktop machines.

If you wanted a machine to cut plastics, there are many desktop machines available and a good price, however if you want something to cut soft metals or even hard metals (knife making for example) your only option was to buy a used machine.


As mentioned by CNC Repairman, who has many years experience working with used CNC machines, there are a few good machines out there, but you really have to do your research. And in most cases you won't hit the jackpot with a great deal.

Imagine creating a business plan where at the start you needed to win the lottery for funding, then the business could continue. By relying on a used CNC machine, you are essentially placing a lottery ticket at the beginning of your business. Sure you will hear success stories with this method but it won't work for the majority.


Aside from the statistics problem, used CNC machines are big and heavy, which means transport can become an issue. Then you need a solid foundation to put the machine on, and 3 phase electricity. If something fails, you are going to be set back many thousands on large ballscrews, linear rails, spindles or maybe a component which you cant find replacements for.


Samurai have created the first desktop CNC truly capable of cutting metals, including Hastelloy and Titanium. The machine also ships in smaller boxes, the most weighing 40kg meaning this machine can be carried and setup anywhere a human will go. 


And anyway, who doesn't want a shiny new machine?


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