About Us

Founded in 2020, Samurai Machine tools' current mission is to provide high end machining centers at a cost which is affordable for most hobbyists. We do this by using first principles to re-imagine what a cnc machine can be.

Based centrally in the UK, Samurai M.T. has in house capability for prototyping, testing, and mass manufacture of our machine tools. With many of our suppliers based locally, we have full control of the entire manufacturing process from raw materials, right through to a finished machine.


The way of Samurai

  • Samurai focus' on building reliable machines that are fast, powerful and precise
  • Our machines must be pleasing to the eye; watching the machine running will be a pleasant experience for the operator
  • We always pay attention to the extremely fine details, we are perfectionists when it comes to engineering.
  • There will always be something different about Samurai machines, and that's the way of Samurai