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BT30 Spindle Taper regrind service

BT30 Spindle Taper regrind service

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Please purchase this item for a regrind of your Samurai 120H BT30 Spindle taper.

Lead times:

With Next batch - No specified lead time. Please send your spindle cartridge back and it will be re-ground when the next batch of new spindles are ground.

Priority Service - Maximum lead time 2 weeks. Please send your spindle cartridge back and it will be re-ground and shipped back within 2 weeks from receiving your spindle.

Urgent Service - Next day delivery. Please send your spindle cartridge back and it will be re-ground and shipped back the next day after receiving your spindle.



After placing an order with this service, you will need to remove your spindle cartridge from the spindle housing and ship it back to our address.



Ensure adequate eye protection and safety gloves are worn before carrying out these steps. Tie up loose hair or clothing, ensure the work area is free from clutter, or other tripping hazards. Follow the steps below carefully.



Please remove any tools from the spindle. Move the Z axis into an appropriate position to give adequate access to the spindle. Clear the machine table workspace if necessary (remove vices or fixtures). E-stop the machine, turn off the power, and purge the air lines. Then remove the sheet metal covering the BT30 spindle.


To remove the spindle cartridge:

Be prepared for the spindle cartridge to fall out by placing protective covers on your machine table, and placing your hand underneath the spindle nose to catch it from falling. The weight of the cartridge is 4kg (8.8lbs).


Loosen but don't remove 1x M8 bolt on the front-right of the cylinder mount.


Loosen but don't remove 2x M8 bolts clamping the spindle cartridge.



Tighten 1x M8 bolt on the spindle housing, this will allow the spindle to fall freely.


The belt may be preventing the spindle from falling. Slowly lower the cartridge out of the housing by rotating the spindle by the drive dogs while applying slight upwards force to prevent the belt being snagged. As you rotate the spindle it will be easier to slide it down to remove.


You now should have the spindle cartridge separated from the spindle housing. Ensure it is clean then prepare it for shipping.


Our address:

Samurai Machine Tools LTD

Unit 24 Space Business Center

Tachbrook Park Dr, Plato Cl

CV34 6YA

Royal Leamington Spa


United Kingdom



To reinstall your spindle, follow the above steps in reverse. Ensure the spindle rotates freely and there is no binding.


If you get stuck with any of the steps, please contact us.


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