Frequently asked questions

Why does the machine have a 4-7 week lead time?

The manufacturing process of the machine should take 2-3 weeks. However as we are manufacturing a new product there is a high chance of unexpected delays. We would rather overdeliver than overpromise.

Why does the machine with electronics have a 2-3 month lead time?

The electronics are still being developed and tested. Complying with UK & EU's strict regulations makes the whole process take much longer compared to companies in the USA.

Does the machine come with an enclosure or flood coolant?

Currently the machine does not come with an enclosure, stand, or flood coolant however these are in the works and will be available as upgrades.

Do I need to connect a computer to control the machine?

This answer depends on the electronics system you choose.

With 'none' you need your own computer along with all other cnc electronics such as power supplies, motion controller and stepper motors.

With 'Mach 4' you need your own windows computer.

With 'NK530M' you need no computer.

Can the machine run on 110v?

The machine is designed to run on 240VAC. To run on 110v you will need a suitable step up transformer.

How much will shipping cost?

We recently made changes to our shipping process making the costs much lower than before! Please check the shipping policy for full details.

How is the machine shipped?

The machine is split up into multiple smaller packages (at least 6 depending on options). This makes shipping via traditional methods such as DHL International possible.

The heaviest package (the column) weighs 34kg (75lbs) and has dimensions 54x17x15cm (21x7x6").

Column: 34kg 54x17x15cm

Base: 28kg 48x17x15cm

Table: 20kg 54x17x12cm

Base Plate: 32kg 48x22x10cm

Spindle head: 28kg 34x22x15cm

Accessories: 18kg 66x22x20cm

ATC: 16kg 34x34x30cm

Electronics: 18kg 62x50x50cm

If your circumstances require, we are able to spit the column down into two smaller packages.

Does the machine require assembly?

As mentioned above, the machine is split into multiple packages so will require assembly. However, the spindle head will be fully assembled, and ATC partially assembled.

Where can I find the assembly manual or video?

The manuals are still being developed while we optimize the assembly process and make minor improvements. Nearer to the delivery date these changes will be complete and the videos uploaded to YouTube.

Manuals will be emailed, and can also be found in the support section.

What materials can the 120 mill?

The Samurai 120 has the capabilities of a machining center, and therefore is able to mill any material you can mill on a large VMC.

The better question is how fast can it mill these materials?

We were able to achieve 5MRR in Stainless Steel without coolant however this was pushing the machine to the limit so you can expect to achieve around 0.5-2MRR in hard metals.

What CAM software is compatible with the Samurai 120?

For the Mach 4 option, most typical CAM programs are compatible, such as Fusion 360.

Are spare parts available?

We stock a full range of all components for the Samurai 120. If there is an issue with your machine please contact us in the support section and we will let you know what parts need replacing.

Can the Samurai 120 machine for long periods of time?

The Samurai 120 has been optimized for smaller parts however it is fully capable of running for extended hours.

Please refer to the specification for max vs continuous cutting power.

Is a 4th or 5th axis available?

The machine was designed to be capable of running a 4th or 5th axis. However the actual 4th axis unit is not yet available for purchase.