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Samurai 120H 1.2kW BT30 ATC Spindle head

Samurai 120H 1.2kW BT30 ATC Spindle head

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    The BT30 spindle head market for DIY milling machines is saturated with high rpm low torque spindles from China. These spindles are designed for routers to take light cuts in aluminum, however at Samurai our spindle head is designed to take large cuts in aluminum and steel. Other benefits of a high torque low rpm setup is the ability to drill holes, rigid tap, and use large diameter tools.

The Samurai Machine Tools 1.2kW Spindle head is a perfect upgrade for any small manual mill or DIY CNC machine.

This spindle has been designed for the Samurai 120 and therefore is very rigid, ATC ready and is the smallest BT30 spindle you can buy.


Benefits of BT30 over R8 or similar:

  • Reduced Runout
  • Increased Rigidity
  • Fewer parts between the spindle and the tool
  • No tool slippage
  • No tool pull-out
  • Cheaper toolholders
  • Huge variety of toolholders (e.g. Hydraulic chuck or heat shrink tooling)
  • ATC capable
  • High torque capability
  • Larger diameter tooling
  • Tool changes in under 2 seconds are possible


This spindle was designed to be used on the Samurai 120 but that doesn't mean it wont work on your machine. This spindle is perfect for any small DIY CNC machine (under 400kg / 880lbs) as one of the most complicated and costly aspects of making your own machine is the spindle.

   Cutting footage

Video of this machine and spindle cutting is coming soon








 Technical Details


1.2kW Servo

We don't use VFD spindles at Samurai, we want the ability to cut like a full size machining center. This servo features 4nm torque which unlike a VFD, is consistent across the full RPM range. The ability to maintain position at low or even no speed allows for unique abilities that router spindles aren't capable of.

The servo drive features an alarm function that can automatically estop your machine if it detects a problem.


ATC Air purge

 If you would like to use an Automatic Tool Changer this feature is a must have. When changing tools there could be chips (swarf) on the toolholder that has come from machining operations and if those chips aren't removed before changing tools, the BT30 taper will be damaged and if you continue machining, the parts you make may be out of tolerance and have a poor surface finish.




Through spindle air

This machine features 6bar through spindle air, allowing you to blast chips out of deep pockets when milling or drilling.

6500 RPM

Unlike many spindles you may have seen, this is not a router spindle. It is designed to run on machining centers capable of holding large tools and taking bigger cuts, which requires lower rpm and more torque.

Note: New spindles may generate more heat as they require a run in period, this can take up to a week.


Spindle Lock

Locking the spindle rotation allows for broaching, mill turning, and other capabilities. 

Rigid Tapping

This spindle is capable of rigid tapping. It features a Proximity sensor on the spindle which can be fed back into the controller to measure RPM. It generates 2 pulses per RPM. The servo also features a 2500 line encoder with 48/22 pulley ratio to the spindle.



What's included
You will receive the 1.2kW Spindle head, fully assembled. Column (Z Axis) not included.

  • Samurai 120 1.2kW BT30 ATC Spindle head
  • 240VAC Servo Drive
  • Aluminum spindle cover
  • QTY2 Stainless steel coolant nozzles
  • QTY2 Plastic coolant nozzles
  • 6mm Alignment dowel pins
  • M8 mounting bolts
  • Setup support
  • M8 Allen Key modified (5mm)
  • (toolholder or end mill shown in images not included)


  • 1/4" BSP Oil, Water Separator / Air Filter, regulator
  • 2 Position 5 Way AIRTAC Air Solenoid Valve 4V110-06 1/8"BSPT
  • 8mm Nylon Pneumatic Right Angle 90° MALE STUD push-fit
  • 8mm 2m Silicone hose


  • 16 Position spindle rotation lock
  • Z Axis / Column (with closed loop stepper)







Setup Support

Included in this purchase is 2 hours support to help get your machine running. This can be done via email, Instagram messages, or a call if you really need the help.

Thermal Expansion

The 12V regulated fan keeps control of the thermal expansion by cooling the areas that contribute to expansion first. From cold to max running temperature the spindle nose expands 0.01mm in Y.

Correct Use of Product

It is very important that this spindle is setup and used correctly otherwise it may cause damage or harm. There are many factors involved in getting this spindle to perform to an acceptable standard for a machine tool but here is a list of the basic things that need to be considered for safety / durability reasons:

  • Correct wiring of 240VAC servo motor
  • Spindle Temperature must not exceed 70°
  • Must be ground (earthed) to the spindle and the rest of the machine (for safety, and ground faults can cause sparks that could cause premature bearing failure)
  • The spindle must not be able to rotate while the drawbar is activated and vice versa
  • Tools must be gently inserted into the taper to prevent damage
  • Must not exceed values stated in the specification
  • Spindle must not be rotated without a tool




METRIC - Spindle

Max RPM - 6500

Max Torque - 5.5Nm

Max Power - 1.2Kw

Cylinder Pressure - 6 - 8 Bar

Air Blast Max pressure - 3 Bar

Tool Clamp force - 1000N

Runout - 0.02mm at 100mm

Tramming references tolerance - +-0.01mm over 100mm

Bolt Hole spacing tolerance - +-0.02mm

Spindle weight - 17kg

Spindle material - EN3B

Main bearing - SKF Explorer 3208 angular contact

Lubricant - MT33

Clamp type - BT30 45° Petal Clamp

Cylinder thread - 3/8" BSP

Cylinder hose diameter - 8mm

TSA Hose diameter - 4mm 


METRIC - AIRTAC Solenoid Valve

Voltage - DC24V

Type - 5 Port 2 Position

Orifice size - 12mm

Thread size - 1/8" BSPT

Pressure range - 1.5 - 8 Bar

Temperature range - 5 - 50°C

Protection - IP65

Max frequency - 5 cycles/s

Min activation time - 0.05 second




IMPERIAL - Spindle

Max RPM - 6500

Max Torque - 4ft lbs

Max Power - 1.6hp

Cylinder Pressure - 100 - 116 psi

Air Blast Max pressure - 43 psi

Tool Clamp force - 225lb

Runout - 0.0007" at 3.9"


Spindle weight - 37lbs

Spindle material - EN3B


Main bearing - SKF Explorer 3208 angular contact

Lubricant - MT33

Clamp type - BT30 45° Petal Clamp

Cylinder thread - 3/8" BSP

Hose diameter - 0.315"


IMPERIAL - AIRTAC Solenoid Valve

Voltage - DC24V

Type - 5 Port 2 Position

Orifice size - 0.47"

Thread size - 1/8" BSPT

Pressure range - 21.7 - 116 psi

Temperature range - 41 - 122°C

Protection - IP65

Max frequency - 5 cycles/s

Min activation time - 0.05 second



WARNING: When machining, please use an appropriate safety margin to not exceed the specifications above as exceeding them may cause significant damage.


 This purchase grants access to Samurai M.T. Customers page





Lead time 3-9 weeks, then please allow 1 week for delivery.


Please be aware import taxes or any extra charges will have to be paid by the customer.

If there are any issues with getting the spindle delivered we are responsible unless the tracking shows that it was delivered to the correct address.

Please be aware that if the tracking shows 'Delivered' but you haven't received it, the item will be left in a safe space. You will have the option to choose delivery preferences on the DHL website.

If 2 delivery attempts fail, the items may be returned to us and you may have to pay a £120 fee to arrange re-delivery.



Returns & Cancellations

Returns of the spindle head are not permitted, we will send replacement parts for any manufacturing defects. 




This product come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty against issues caused by manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover misuse by the customer, or damage caused by exceeding the recommended RPM for normal use.




This product if not used properly can cause serious harm or damage.
The spindle motor runs on lethal voltages and can cause serious injury or death if used inappropriately. 
High pressurized air can cause serious injury.
Rotating belt and pulley can cause serious injury.

 We will not be responsible for any damage or injury caused by your misuse of the product.


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