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Samurai 120H Frame

Samurai 120H Frame

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Coolant proof way covers
Linear rails & Ballscrews

Estimated Lead time: 3-5 months



This is not a ready to run machine.

Introduction to CNC electronics here

Guide to building CNC electronics here


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Included with purchase:

1x Samurai 120 CNC Machine (base plate only included with ATC)

1x Assembly manual

1x User manual

1x 12 month warranty

1x Lifetime machine support

*Laptop, workbench, XYZ servos, toolholders not included

*H (hobby) machines are designed for hobby & light industrial use only. If you are considering this machine for an industrial application please contact us regarding the Samurai 120i.

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Choose your own controller

- Best option for the DIY CNC'ers

- Fully customize your machine by retrofitting your own cnc controller and electronics.

- Save cost on the overall machine

XY-100W Z-180W Servo w/brake

NEMA 23 Closed loop steppers

Enough power to take large cuts but not enough power to damage the machine during crashes.

The ballscrew-motor configuration has been optimized to maximize machining performance without causing damage in the event of a crash‡. The motors feature an alarm function to automatically E-stop the machine if a crash occurs.

(not included as standard)

Easy access for changing parts

The Y axis was designed with more travel than the spindle centerline to column distance, which allows the table to fully retract giving you full access for changing parts / setups.

The table rests just 80mm (3.1") away from the front of the machine; your back will thank you for choosing the 120.

*Aluminum covers now included as standard

Coolant proof way cover protection on all axis

Making reliable way cover protection is an extremely difficult task.

Over time chips manage to find their way into everything, which is why the 120 way cover design has gone through 5 years of iterations to ensure the highest level of protection.

Z-SFU2005 XY-SFU1605

Oversized ballscrews

During 5 years of testing we found the ballscrews to wear far sooner than the linear rails, so the Samurai 120 features oversized ballscrews to accommodate for the increased wear.

This now means the machine can be run at higher speeds with faster accelerations.

The combination of large ballscrews with small axis motors allows you to push the machine without having to worry about ballscrew wear.