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1.2kW AC Spindle Motor & Driver 240V 80ST-M04030

1.2kW AC Spindle Motor & Driver 240V 80ST-M04030

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1.2kW 4NM AC Servo Motor for the Samurai 120


Shipped from the UK with DHL Express delivery - Expect delivery within 1 week.

*CE Certified product


You may have come across similar 1kW servos online, however this servo is custom made for Samurai with 1.2kW, 3000 RPM and shielded cable.


Rated Power (KW) : 1.2
Rated Voltage (V) : 220
Rated Current (A) : 5.2
Rated Speed (RPM) : 3000
Rated Torque (N.m) : 4.0
Peak Torque (N.m) : 12
Peak Current (A) : 16
Voltage Constant (V/1000r/min): 46
Torque Coefficient (N.m/A) : 0.77
Rotor Inertia (Kg.m2) : 2.97x10-4
Resistance (Ω) : 1.33
Inductance (mH) : 3.27
Electrical Time Constant (ms): 2.46
Weight (Kg) : 3.8
Encoder Resolution (PPR) : 2500
Body Length (L, mm) : --


Included in package:

1x 80ST-M04030 Servo Motor

1x Matching Servo Driver

1x 3m Shielded Encoder cable

1x 3m Shielded Motor cable

1x Parallel port connector


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